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Activities with Your Children


Having a school that provides your children with ample amounts of activities is something that you want to have. However, finding the right school that has these activities can be a challenge. But, we here at Park Place Daycare are here to provide with the solutions to this dilemma. As a daycare in Brooklyn, New York, we will tell you what kind of activities that your children can look forward to when they are with us.

During the summer, we will be holding a summer camp where your child can enjoy themselves in the company of other children. Our teaching staff will be watching over them to ensure that they can focus on having fun and bonding with the other children. The summer camp will be filled with different activities that look to improve your children’s ability and knowledge. Be sure to learn all about our summer camp by giving us a call! As for our other activities that we have planned out, you can keep yourself updated by checking out our calendar of events! Whenever you need childcare services, we are the people for the job.

Be sure to contact us when you need to leave your child in a preschool in New York, we’d be more than happy to take care of them.

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