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Social Skill: Ways to Enhance It Among Toddlers

Do your toddlers struggle to make friends? Do they find it difficult to fit into social settings? Good social skills build your kids’ confidence and ensure better peer relationships when they grow old. Don’t worry. There are simple steps to help them!

  • Know their interests.
    Whether your child is participating in a sport or playing an instrument in a preschool in New York, be interested in following their interests. Oftentimes, it is the first step toward helping them build their social skills. Doing something they love puts them in a place where they can interact with like-minded individuals. This way, it will be easier for them to blend in and socialize.
  • Ask them questions.
    Some kids get nervous before talking to others and socializing. Don’t dismiss how they feel. Make sure to ask them about how they feel when approaching social events. It will help you know more about their personality and which situations they feel awkward and comfortable in.
  • Teach them empathy.
    Empathy helps children understand how others feel. Being empathetic connects them with others and forms positive bonds. Teaching empathy can start with encouraging children to actively listen to others, especially in a daycare in Brooklyn, New York. The social setting at a center is diverse, so it is a good place for kids to build empathy.

Park Place Daycare offers a safe and nurturing childcare environment. We provide plenty of opportunities to make your kids actively participate in the learning process and make discoveries about the world around them. We offer different programs to support your children in each stage of growth and development. Contact us at 1-347-627-3955 for more info about our programs.

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