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Benefits of Outdoor Play to Early Childhood Development


There are numerous advantages in the digital age that we live in. Having access to digital resources is a fantastic privilege. This privilege must be carefully controlled as more children are exposed to digital media and online entertainment.

As technological devices have become more readily available, the amount of time that children, including toddlers, spend actively playing outside has decreased considerably.

Even though kids don’t always have time to play outside, parents and guardians should be reminded of the following benefits of outdoor play to help them in their childcare journey:

  • Promotes physical health
    Active outdoor play reduces the risk of weight-related health disorders in kids. Children are more likely to live an active life as adults if they like physical activity from a young age.
  • Improves intellectual development
    When kids play outside, they are exposed to a lot of different things that help them learn how to better combine information from their senses.
  • Increases social skills
    Public environments, such as our preschool in New York, allow for more opportunities for social development as your child interacts with other kids their age.

To prepare your children for a brighter future ahead of them, Park Place Daycare, a daycare in Brooklyn, New York, is committed to providing excellent childcare programs to children from ages 0 to 5 years old. Call us today!

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