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Taking Note of Toilet-Ready Behavior in Children

Taking Note of Toilet-Ready Behavior in Children

Parents and children might find potty training terrifying or overwhelming to do. But the simple key to achieving proper potty training is knowing whether your child is ready for it. Studies show that most children are ready to begin toilet training between 24 to 27 months, but others may be ready earlier or even later than that. Our childcare can fill you in with some tips regarding readiness for potty training.

So, what do you need to look for in your child’s behavior to know whether they are ready for toilet training?

  • A desire for independence is the first marker. If you sense that your child enjoys learning new abilities and consistently wants to do things on their own, then your child is ready.
  • When your child usually imitates your actions.
  • If your child’s language skills are developed enough to communicate their needs and understand words about the toileting process.
  • Your child must also have learned basic motor skills necessary for walking to the potty, pulling down his pants, and getting on it independently.
  • Be observant as well of your child’s bladder storage – if your child has long periods with a dry diaper, the bladder can store urine longer. It signifies that the time for switching to the potty from diapers has come.

Our preschool in New York can provide basic training to students ready for the potty. However, potty training must also always start at home.

If your children are potty-trained, attending school will not be that scary anymore. If you want to know more, call our daycare in Brooklyn, New York, today! We at Park Place Daycare will be ready to help.

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