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Is Your Child Manifesting Aggressive Behavior?


The toddler years are good years for children to show their affection and warmth to their parents. The word toddler is derived from the phrase ‘to toddle’ or to walk unsteadily, perfectly implying that children at this age need a parent’s close contact. The toddler age is also a time of significant cognitive, emotional, and social development. But episodes of aggressiveness will never be absent in raising toddlers or even children already in childcare.

It is always important to be reminded that occasional outbursts in children are normal. It is up to us how we control and shape our children’s behavior. This is why teaching your children various house rules is very necessary. They would not be aware of any rules unless these concepts are introduced and thoroughly explained to them. At this point, they will understand that there are things that need to be done and actions that need to be rejected.

You should also remember that threatening children whenever they attempt to throw tantrums wouldn’t work. It is more effective to positively reinforce desired behaviors and teach them alternative behaviors rather than merely saying “Stop it or else!” Tell them that the next time they might feel angry, they should use their words instead.

Another way to manage children’s aggressive behavior is by distracting them. This does not mean bribing them. All you need to do is intentionally change the focus to another thing or event. Most importantly, parents and guardians must always control their temper. Our preschool in New York believes that one of the best ways to teach children appropriate behavior is to watch one’s behavior and mood.

Hand in hand with parents, our daycare in Brooklyn, New York, can help shape children’s good behavior. Call Park Place Daycare today!

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