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Fun Ways to Help Your Kids Expand Their Vocabulary


There are many things parents can do to help their children learn new words, phrases, and vocabulary to improve their literacy, communication, and social skills.

Here are a few fun ways to help your kids expand their vocabulary:

  • Share Conversations with Them Often

    Talking to your children regularly is one of the best ways to help them improve their communication skills and teach them new phrases and words. You can ask them about their day, what games they played, what food they like, and what things they would like to learn. Try to use a wide vocabulary as possible to introduce them to many new words. Centers like our daycare in Brooklyn, New York, also provide children with many opportunities to converse with many new people.

  • Play Word Games

    Playtime is a great learning tool for children. Word games like I spy with my little eye, word searches, and scrabble for kids can help your kids identify new things and learn new words.

  • Encourage Regular Reading

    Reading is a great way to discover new sentences, words, and phrases. You can encourage your children to read more by allowing them to pick their books, read bedtime stories together, or start a book club at home.

  • Sing Songs

    Singing is a fun way to help kids learn new words and phrases. It will also teach them concepts like syllables, rhyming, rhythm, and intonation.

Early education centers like our preschool in New York also provide programs that can help children develop their vocabulary, communication, and language skills.

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