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Surprising Benefits of Daycare Programs


Daycare can provide your little ones with numerous benefits. It can help children promote their emotional, physical, and cognitive development by teaching literacy, numeracy, communication, and social skills. Daycare centers also provide reliable childcare to help parents as they work. Here are a few more surprising benefits of daycare programs you may not have known about:

  • It can help them prepare for primary education.

    A daycare environment is similar to a school because it provides kids with many learning and developmental opportunities. It can help them prepare for primary education by helping them get accustomed to schedules, playtimes, and engaging learning activities.

  • It encourages and teaches social interaction.

    At daycare, your children will get the opportunity to spend time with other children and adults, who can help them practice their communication skills and develop their social skills. They will also have the chance to make new friends.

  • It helps with academic progress.

    Daycare exposes children to a structured curriculum and early education program that can improve their language, literacy, and numeracy skills, giving them an advantage when they begin formal education. Our daycare in Brooklyn, New York, includes programs for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers.

  • It teaches important habits and behavior.

    Daycare teaches many important habits and values that can help improve their behaviors. It will teach them how to interact with kids and adults, important self-care skills, responsibility, teamwork, and more.

Daycare can be a great stepping stone to preparing your kids for formal education, encouraging a love for lifelong learning, and more. For more information about daycare or our preschool in New York, you can call Park Place Daycare at 1-347-627-3955.

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