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Getting Your Little Cutie to Take a Bath


Getting your child to wash or bathe first thing in the morning might be difficult for some parents. Although bath time can be pleasant for some children, many kids run in the opposite direction when they hear the word “bath.” Here at Park Place Daycare, we believe that bath time can be and should be fun. The ideal bath time and childcare are easy for parents, enjoyable for children, and safe and healthy for your child.

Instead of filling the tub before bath time, allow your child to get into an empty tub. Ask them to assist you with turning on the water and permit them to turn it off when you are through. Making bath time fun instead of a chore will help you make less of a fuss during bath time. Introduce new toys, games, and bubble bottles that are only accessible at bath time.

If your toddlers‘ problems are especially related to baths, it may be easier for everyone if bath time is replaced with shower time. Showering can also be a unique activity for a child who is tired of baths.

Jump in the big bath with your child the next time you take a bath with them. You may not only spend time with them, but it also reminds them how much fun bath time can be. Bath time would be more thrilling and fun for your child if you reward good behavior during bath time with a chilled treat.

Our preschool in New York teaches the value of bath time and proper hygiene, supporting parents who are having difficulty convincing their children to take a bath.

Enroll your young cuties at our daycare in Brooklyn, New York now!

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