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Bed Time Stories and Story Telling Can Do More


One of the numerous activities children looks forward to before bedtime is bedtime stories, singing songs, and a warm glass of milk. Reading bedtime stories may be the ideal opportunity to give your child some quality time and attention. But did you realize that this simple reading practice has more benefits than just getting kids ready for bed?

Have you ever had a youngster request that you read their favorite book to them every night for a week or more? You may grow tired of reading the same book again and over, yet repetition leads to mastery and observation. Children would begin to recognize patterns, recall rhymes, and learn to predict the outcomes of various scenes.

Shared reading may teach children a variety of new abilities that will be important when attending a preschool in New York, ranging from reading comprehension to listening skills and overall literacy. Instead of watching television or movies, it encourages children’s imagination and appreciation for storytelling by allowing them to develop their own understanding of the story they are reading.

Book discussions can help children improve their communication skills, which are key social skills to have. This also allows your child to interact with their classmates at school. You can also be goofy with your youngster during story time. With all of the stress that comes with being a parent, it’s a good idea to set aside some time during the day to read a book.

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