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Tips to Encourage Early Literacy Development in Kids


Early literacy development involves learning about words, language, and sounds. Although we often associate literacy with school, children can begin to develop literacy at home through communication, reading, and playing.

As a daycare in Brooklyn, New York, we have prepared a few tips that will encourage early literacy development in young kids:

  • Avoid baby talk.
    Although it can be tempting to engage your child in baby talk, it is best to stick to more grown-up language. Doing so can build a long-lasting foundation for literacy development. Activities like watching a movie or visiting a museum can promote the use of rich language.
  • Converse during mealtimes.
    During meals, engage your child and the whole family in conversation. Parents may prompt their little ones by asking questions about the activities they did in daycare and which ones they enjoyed doing the most. This can encourage children to express themselves and get used to using different words and sounds.
  • Set aside time for reading.
    As your child begins to learn how to read in childcare, expand the learning experience by reading at home too. Whether it’s before bedtime or in the afternoon, set aside a time each day for reading. Let your child pick an age-appropriate book and discuss the story and characters afterward.

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